Thursday, December 27, 2007

We had a good trip to Bedford, VA. Micah got to skate Jake Hilbish's 6 foot mini ramp -- Micah said it was the nicest mini he has ever skated. He also had fun riding the little half bowl in Jake's basement. Brian Hilbish told us of plans to put a concrete skatepark in Bedford County. The park will be just a mile around the corner from Micah's grandparent's house. Thanks Hilbish's! Last night we went to Old School Skatepark in Fredericksburg, VA with his Uncle Daniel. The traffic was rough, but we finally got there. Micah had fun tearing the bowl up. He was close to landing a fs 360 air. This morning we went to Powahatan Springs Skatepark in Arlington. It is his favorite park. The cool trick of the day was a stalefish over the spine. Next event -- the mini comp at Blue Wallace on Jan 5th.

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Nikoli said...

Good stuff guys! Good luck in Bowling Green! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!