Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hit 3 states and 5 parks on Friday: Dry Ridge, Florence, Delhi, Lawrenceburg and Ollies -- Saw the Zero/Mystery demo. Chris Cole was effortless. Today we saw the King of Kings demo. They were pretty good. Upcoming comps: Etnies Box Lunch at Ollies the 11th, 14th Mid-Atlantic Skate Series in Arlington, VA and the 15th MASS in Greenbelt, MD. New video and pics are at the PhenOm website -- there's a link in the bar to the right. Micah's new logo is courtesy of Orlando, owner of PhenOm.

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Nikoli said...

Cool logo, great skate vids, and congrats on the 2nd place finish! (Out of 40!?!) Keep it up!

Love the nollie disasters by the way... one of my favorite miniramp tricks (that I can actually do)...

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