Sunday, June 10, 2007

New friends of Cabin 25 at Camp Woodward: Jack, Micah, Archer, Anson and Kevin

Micah and I had an amazing time at Woodward. In the advanced mini ramp division he placed 3rd and did well in intermediate street though he did not place. He learned to drop into the vert ramp. And he got tapped (invited to the all-star week)!


Al said...

I saw Micah skate for the first time at the Woodward try-outs and was completely amazed. He showed more tricks in that run than I’ve seen anyone of any age do on our home ramp in Gainesville, Florida. Getting to know him a bit over the week at Woodward, it’s obvious that he’s all about the art. Look out London 2012, here he comes.

Nikoli said...

When I grow up, I wanna have as much fun on board as Micah. Oh wait... I am! Good job Micah!

Karen Mirabella said... nephew is sooo cool!
great job, micah! hope to see you skate down here in Florida sometime in the next couple years!