Monday, January 01, 2007

Akron, OH

Never again will there be such a perfect trip... Friday morning we departed. First stop Georgetown, KY - had the whole park to ourselves. It was sunny and nearing 60 degrees when we got to the new Dry Ridge Park. After that we went to Florence. Saw some young shredders from Toledo ollying a 4 foot trash can. We capped off the night with a late session at Evolution Skatepark in Canton. The next day we went to the Akron Park, then back to Evolution for the Spinezilla double miniramp competition. Micah Placed 2nd (behind Zach Krouth) in the younger division out of 20+ skaters. Kristian Svitek was one of the judges. After 5 hours of skating we hit the road getting home about 1am New Year's Eve Day. Thanks Harrison for helping us make this trip happen.
Click here to see a video of the roadtrip.
At the end of the vid is pro skater Doug Brown. Micah got to jam w/him in the mini. He's pretty sick. Click here to see go to Doug's site.

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